Measure ultrafine particles down to 10 nanometers

Advantages of naneos sensors

Detect ultrafine particles

Many particle detectors work with optical detection and cannot see particles smaller than about 300nm.
Our devices can measure down to a size of ~10nm.

Health relevant metrics

Ultrafine particles have a very low mass.
Therefore, naneos sensors instead output health-relevant metrics such as LDSA, particle count and mean particle diameter.

Easy to use

Our instruments are very easy to use and very small, lightweight and handy!


Naneos provides several handheld nanoparticle sensors. We also offer OEM versions.

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Data Cloud

Our sensors have IoT connectivity. Data can be visualized in a powerful web interface.


IoT Platform



Apply our devices for quick surveys of workplaces, where their ease of use and fast startup time make them an ideal tool for routine monitoring that doesn't take too much time. Stationary monitoring systems are also available, with the option of alerting users and - by mail or text message - also a person responsible for workplace safety.


Our devices are among the world's smallest nanoparticle monitors, and as such ideally suited for personal monitoring. The great battery life (up to 24 hours on one charge), high time resolution (1s) and automatic data storage make them outstanding tools to measure personal exposure. The silent operation is ideal for indoor measurements where noisy instruments would be disturbing.


With their non-contact detection principle, our devices can run 24/7 unattended for months without any service. Internet connectivity via mobile phone network is available as an accessory. For long-term 24/7 operation, long-life external pumps are available.

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Stay up to date!

We strive to continuously improve our products. The hardware, firmware, java data analysis software as well as calibration and testing procedures are regularly updated to create even better instruments. If you register your product, we can inform you about updates. A regular service of your instruments ensures that your device is always up to date.