Repair & diagnosis

For efficient support, please follow the instructions below.


    If you have questions regarding recalibration, please read our information on how to decide whether recalibration is necessary.

  • Recalibration information

    A recalibration will typically take 3-4 weeks with the transit time included.

Repair & Problem Report

If you have an issue with your device, please download and fill out the following problem report and send it together with a measurement file from the µSD-Card to:

Once we have this information, we will inform you by e-mail if there is an easy fix or if there is a serious problem where you need to send the device back for repair.

Once we receive the device, we will perform a detailed device analysis and get back to you with a repair proposal.

Repairs usually take about 4 weeks including transit time.

Technical Support

    For technical requests regarding the naneos IoT measurement data platform, contact our IoT-Team:

    For all other requests, contact:

Return Logistics

For repair and recalibration, devices need to be returned to naneos.

Within Switzerland, devices can be sent by normal mail.

For all other countries, it is a bit more complicated due to customs formalities. You will find all necessary information on how to return devices from outside Switzerland below:

Shipping address:
naneos particle solutions gmbh
Alte Spinnerei 9
CH-5210 Windisch

Contact person for shipping: Roland MEIER
Contact person e-mail:
Contact person phone: +41 56 560 20 70

naneos VAT no.: CHE-184.409.447

The large carriers can identify the recipient on the basis of a customer number. Our customer numbers are:

naneos TNT customer no.: 2047242
naneos FedEx customer no.: 146061290
naneos UPS customer no.: 0000632E7V

Proforma-Invoice declaration:
Since the shipment to us has to cross borders, a commercial invoice is needed for sending units back. This is not a real invoice, it is only for customs purposes. Carriers have tools on their websites to create such invoices. The information below will help you to fill in the necessary information in these forms.
If for any reason you need to create your own commercial invoice and are not using the carrier's designated forms, here is an example.

Product description: aerosol dosimeter, repair return shipment
Value of goods / residual value per piece: 200 CHF (Swiss Franc)
Product custom tariff no.: 9027.8900
Country of product origin: Switzerland
Incoterms: DAP Windisch
Special shiping instructions: repair return shipment

Please make sure that you attach one or multiple copies of the proforma invoice to the shipment according to your carrier's needs.

Note: Shipping costs for sending units to us go on your account, the shipment back to you will be organized by naneos. Shipments within Europe cost 100 CHF, shipments outside Europe 200 CHF.