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View and download your partector 2 data online

How it works

The partector 2 can send measurement data over wireless communication to a mobile phone or to a dedicated IoT uplink. From there the data will be sent to the naneos cloud, and can be viewed in a powerful website based data management & visualization front-end.

Watch the short introductory video:

How to get it

To use this service please contact naneos by email at
No matter in which configuration you want to use this service, we have to create a secure account for you and map the correct device(s) to your account.
So let us know the partector 2 serial number(s) of your device(s), name of your organization and one or multiple e-mail addresses you would like to link to your account.

Expert's advice:
Regardless of the configuration in which the system is used, if the Partector 2 is left to measure unattended for a longer period of time, it is probably advantageous to switch the data storage on the SD card to "daily-file". This can be done under "info"->"config". With the "daily-file"-option, a new, single data file is generated for each day. If later on certain raw data is searched for on the uSD card, the daily file option makes it easier to find data.

Data transmission over mobile phone:

The easiest way to use this service is to download the naneos partector 2 app in the play store and install it on your mobile phone.

Requires Android 6.0 or higher. iOS operating systems are not supported.

Once your account is set up and the app is installed, activate bluetooth communication in the partector 2 menu under "info"->"config". Measurement data should now be visible in your app and will be streamed to the naneos cloud if you select "upload data" on the app main screen.

This naneos service is for free!

The data transmission generates around 50 MB of data per month that will be sent over the GSM network. Make sure that you have a suitable telephone provider or mobile phone contract for that.

Data transmission over a gateway:

Since the mobile phone option might be not as stable as desired due to not influenceable Android characteristics, naneos also provides specific IoT data uplink hardware that provide a reliable and stable measurement data transmission.
Beside the standard IoT data uplink hardware, also the signal and alarm box can act as a data uplink and forward data to the cloud. The data uplink hardware are already equiped with a configured world SIM card that allows data transmission over the most common providers. Because of the preconfigured SIM card and the additional data management infrastructure, customers have to subscribe for this complete naneos service. One gateway can agregate data of multiple devices that are in its wireless communication range.

Because we are in the beta test phase with the data uplink hardware, please contact us for a specific offer via the e-mail address on top.


Below you can access a demo frontend showing some of the public visible partector 2 demo sensors that are located in our company or at employees' home offices.

Access the full naneos IoT measurement data demo front-end over this Link

Login data for demo:
Username: Guest
Password: Demo

Short walk through video of the front end: