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Partector 2

Entry-level, comparatively cheap nanoparticle detector for measuring LDSA only.

Detect the presence of ultrafine nano­particles or check that air filters and protection systems in your (work) environment are working correctly.

Can be upgraded to Partector 2.


Partector 2

Multi-metric nanoparticle detector.

Measure particle number, LDSA, surface area, particle mass or mean particle size with high time resolution to make a detailed analysis of an aerosol of interest.

It is the preferred device of our scientific customers.

Can be upgraded to Partector 2 Pro.


Partector 2

With an additional eight-channel size distribution of your ultrafine aerosol concentration.


TEM sampler

Miniature nanoparticle detector to measure LDSA and to collect particles on a TEM grid.

Scanning electron microscopes allow the analysis of individual particles or particle conglomerates and their structure. The partectorTEM can not only measure the ultrafine particles, but also deposit them on a sample holder at the push of a button, which can then be analyzed in a scanning electron microscope.


ultrafine OEM particle sensors

OEM sensors can be used to be built in proprietary systems.

If you have e.g. a laboratory setup with your own flow, power supply and data aquisition, you can implement a custom sensor into your system.

We provide different sensors for different applications, concentrations and flow ranges.


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Periodic exhaust gas monitoring for diesel soot emissions.
This product is METAS-certified for the Swiss market.

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