partector 2 Pro

Handheld ultrafine particle size distribution measurement.


The naneos partector 2 Pro version is a further development of the well-established Partector 2. The Pro version of the partector 2 can additionally switch through different deposition voltage levels and therefore scan an 8-channel size distribution of an aerosol of interest.

The 7 key benefits of the partector 2 Pro version:

 ultrafine particle size distribution measurement
 hassle-free handheld measurement, easy to operate
 no jumps in mean particle size measurement due to switching deposition voltage
 orientation-independent operation
 multiple other particle metrics
 includes all the functionality of the partector 2
 size distribution analysis with our free available software


  • Simultaneous measurement and online display of 5 metrics: LDSA, particle number, average particle size, surface area, UFP mass (PM0.3)
  • High time resolution: 1 second - in size distribution scanning mode > 4s
  • LDSA concentration range: from 0 - 12'000 µm²/cm³
  • Number concentration range: from 0 - 106 cm-3
  • Average particle diameter range: from 10 - 300 nm
  • Surface area concentration range: 0 - 50'000 µm²/cm³
  • UFP mass range (PM0.3): 0 - 2'500 µg/m³
  • Typical accuracy: 30%
  • Size: 142x88x34mm
  • Weight: 415 grams
  • Internal rechargeable Li:Ion battery, run time typically 24 hours in new devices
  • Data storage on a µSD-card (enough space for many years of data!)
  • Graphical display
  • High concentration alarm with adjustable threshold
  • Includes a java data analysis tool that runs on all major operating systems

Partector 2 series Accessories and Options

Android App

Visualize data on your smartphone.

  • The Partector 2 series sends data over wireless communication to the mobile phone app.
  • See measurement data even when the unit is placed in an unaccessible area or inside a backpack.
  • Get realtime charts of measurements.
  • See multiple units on one screen.
  • Directly plot data to Google Earth.
  • Only available for Android
  • Find App user manual here

  • Free Download


IoT connectivity

Remote monitoring of your data

  • The Partector 2 series sends data over wireless communication to the mobile phone app or dedicated IoT hardware.
  • The mobile phone or the IoT hardware forwards the data over GSM to a server.
  • Over a web-based user interface, measurement data can be accessed in real time.
  • Data access from anywhere over an internet link.
  • Download of measurement data possible.

  • IoT Platform


Silent pump option

For measurements in places where pump noise is disturbing

  • The standard pump of the partector 2 series can be replaced with an ultra silent one.
  • No audible noise emissions even in very quiet environments.
  • Measure in noise-critical environments such as bedrooms, hospitals, schools etc.
  • The pump noise is in the ultrasonic range @ ~21kHz and may be audible to very young people.
  • The silent pump option is available for Partector 2 & Partector 2 Light

OEM version

For long-term measurements

  • No internal pump, flow must be provided externally
  • Allows connection of larger pumps with long lifetimes for continuous monitoring