partector 2

Light version

for competitive UFP detection


The Light edition of the partector 2 is a slimmed down version of the partector 2. It replaces the older standard partector. It can only measure lung-deposited surface, but this is absolutely sufficient for most applications, especially in occupational safety. It uses a contactless detection principle that makes the instrument very robust compared to other technologies.

The 8 key benefits of the partector 2 Light version compared to traditional nanoparticle detectors:

 detects particles down to 10nm
 miniature and lightweight
 hassle-free & simple measurements
 fast startup time
 orientation-independent operation
 wide particle concentration range
 great battery life
 competitive in price


 Compensation for temperature and pressure
 Android app
 IoT connection option
 Silent pump option


  • Measurement of Lung-deposited surface area
  • High time resolution: 1 second
  • LDSA concentration range: from 0 - 12'000 µm²/cm³
  • Particles detectable from 10nm - 10um
  • Typical accuracy: 30% (in the size range of: 20-400nm)
  • Size: 142x88x34mm
  • Weight: 400 grams
  • Internal rechargeable Li:Ion battery, run time typically 22 hours in new devices
  • Data storage on a µSD-card (enough space for many years of data!)
  • Graphical display
  • High concentration alarm with adjustable threshold
  • Includes a java data analysis tool that runs on all major operating systems